Testimonials from our Clients

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"Derek filled a number of key roles for our company and is a professional, thorough recruiter. He also has the ability to form strong relationships with his clients in order to service them properly."

James Seetoo
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Invitrogen

"Biotech Recruiters (now Proffinity Partners) has worked effectively with me and key team members to staff some of our hard to fill positions. They have communicated effectively as business partners and leveraged their experience with our needs to help bring top talent into our commercial organization.I will continue to use Biotech Recruiters in the future and recommend their services to anyone looking for a reputable agency to bring in talent quickly and effectively."

David Smoller
President of Biotech, Sigma-Aldrich

"The professionals at Biotech Recruiters (now Proffinity Partners) are unique in that they are not only passionate about serving their clients but also doing what is most correct for the executives they are attempting to place. They provide exceptional insight not only in presenting highly-qualified candidates but also in delivering thoughts on optimizing their client's organizational effectiveness. They are a pleasure to work with."

Joe Carangelo
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at US LABS

"Derek is very experienced in the life sciences industry sector, and places a high priority on creating and maintaining long-term, successful relationships with both companies and candidates. He listens carefully, understand clients needs and delivers results using his creativity, experience and deep industry network.Derek presents candidates that maximizes results because his efforts are built upon the foundation of having solid, high-integrity relationships with his clients and candidates. He works with clients and candidates to determine the qualifications and skills needed, in addition to understanding the cultural mix that make each corporate environment unique and what each candidate can bring to the position. The result is to place the best person for the job, to benefit of the company and the candidate."

Mary Schramke, former VP of Marketing 454 (both client and candidate)

"I have successfully worked with Derek of Biotech Recruiters to close 3 key sales and marketing positions quickly. Derek was a pleasure to work with. He sent me resumes quickly, was very responsive and kept the ball rolling throughout the process. The work he did for us was greatly appreciated and I would recommend Biotech Recruiters to anyone in the industry who wants the assistance of a seasoned professional who presents qualified candidates and closes positions fast."

Stephanie Snow
Human Resources Manager at Cyntellect

"Derek is a uniquely thoughtful, intelligent professional and a terrific recruiter with a very deep knowledge of life sciences technology companies. He has an exceptionally broad network of the best individuals operating in that space. Derek has always and only provided me well-screened candidates whose background, experience and style he understands. Derek coaches his candidates through the hiring process to make certain each of the recruiting steps are productive and revealing to both parties. He has a nose for really good people and an understanding of what makes a good fit for both candidate and hirer."

Steve Herbert
Vice President Sales & Business Development at Cytel

"I have worked with Derek as both a candidate and recruiter. He always presented well qualified and appropriate opportunities as a candidate. As a recruiter, Derek did a great job of presenting top notch candidates as well help move the process along efficiently. Overall, Derek is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."

Charles Ellis
Director of Sales, IDBS

"Worked with Derek on a European Clients Potential US roles, worked with Derek, honest and results focused. Highly Recommended."

Fergal Brosnan
Director at Berkley Recruitment Group

"Derek was a pleasure to work with on projects with Invitrogen. Professional, and personable, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a recruiter to represent them, or a recruiter to partner with on a search."

Bert Hughes
Office Manager at MRI Network- The Alpine Group

"Derek is very professional, personable, and gets the job done. He pays attention to details and builds trust. I had a great time working with him and would happily do so again."

John Nicholas
Director of Computational Chemistry at Nanostellar, Inc.

"Biotech Recruiters (now Proffinity Partners) worked with us to help clarify what kind of candidate we were really looking for, and then provided us with a very qualified group from which to choose. They kept up with the candidates throughout the process, and helped us with interviewing details, salary negotiation, and reference checks. We will use them again for future hires."

Dana Tornabene, formerly at Upstate (now Millipore)

"We were very pleased with the responsiveness and competence of the professionals at Biotech Recruiters (now Proffinity Partners). They were able to identify qualified candidates quickly, arrange both telephone and in-person interviews and facilitated negotiations with the candidate we selected. We look forward to using Biotech Recruiters in the future."

Michael French
former Senior Vice President at Entelos