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Our Profile

At Biotech Recruiters we are committed to providing solution driven results for the Life Science industry in Organizational Design, Strategic & Tactical Marketing, Go-To-Market Strategy, Commercial Leadership, and Talent Management.

Derek Pyper, Partner has over 10 years experience in talent acquisition and has worked as a staffing consultant for Invitrogen Corp.(now Life Technologies) where he filled 35 positions in 1.5 years. Derek moved to Dallas in 2010 to join the firm Kaye/Bassman, where he made Managing Partner in the shortest time period in Kaye/Bassman’s 20 year history, ultimately he preferred the autonomy of owning his own business and left Kaye/Bassman to rejoin Biotech Recruiters. Derek recruits in many functional areas, but specializes in placing professionals within the Genomics and Bioinformatics communities where he is highly networked. Derek is also the founder of the Genomics Jobs group on LinkedIn, which was formed in January 2011 and how has over 1800 Genomics professionals.

You may view Derek’s profile here:www.linkedin.com/in/dpyper

Jill Sherman, Sr. Recruiter has over 11 years successful experience in talent acquisition within the life sciences, she started off working for Sales Consultants of Sacramento and later formed Biotech Recruiters International. www.linkedin.com/in/jillmariesherman

With our cumulative experience in talent acquisition in life sciences we bring tremendous value to your organizational needs. This combined experience gives us the ability to provide services unlike any other firm because we understand the market, know the talent, and have our fingers on the pulse of today’s talent. We value Solution Driven Results.

We look forward to a bright future working with you.

Our Search Process

  1. Identify Client Needs
    • Get a thorough understanding of the company’s needs and expectations.
  2. Create job specifications
    • Corporate summary
    • Job responsibilities
    • Candidate Qualifications
  3. Develop research strategy based on clients needs
    • Utilize our extensive network to identify potential candidates.
    • Identify and contact candidates from competitive companies.
  4. Candidate Interviews
    • Conduct a thorough interview of each potential candidate.
    • Narrow the list of candidates
    • Write a detailed summary of candidate’s background.
  5. Presentation of Candidates
    • Present only the best candidates
    • Provide a detailed summary highlighting the candidate’s skills and experience.
  6. Client Interviews
    • Coordinate client interviews with candidate
  7. Interview Debrief
    • After the interview, we speak with both the client and candidate to get feedback.
  8. Reference Check
    • Conduct a thorough reference check
  9. Present offer to candidate
  10. Follow-up
    • After the offer has been accepted and the candidate has begun working for the client, we maintain contact with both the client and the candidate to keep updated on the status of both parties.